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Yoga Poses Posters, 8 Limbs Of Yoga Gallery Wall, Ashtanga Yoga Poster, Yoga Art, Yoga Lover Art, Yogi Art, Yoga Philosophy, Samadhi Wisdom

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✦ Yoga Poses Posters, 8 Limbs Of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga Poster Digital Art Prints Wall Art & Digital Print ✦

8 Limbs Of Yoga is a set of 8 yoga posters which are
- Yama
- Niyama
- Asana
- Pranayama
- Pratyahara
- Dharana
- Dhyana
- Samadhi

✦ What Is It? ✦

It is a printable or a digital download file which you can instantly download and print. It will be in high quality png files format for good quality. Contact me if you want print pdfs. I am only offering high quality pngs as the file sizes are too big for etsy.

✦ What Sizes You Will Get? ✦

You will receive following sizes

2:3 Ratio:
- 24 X 36 Inches
You can easily resize these to 6"x9" | 8"x12" | 10"x15" | 12"x18" | 16"x24"

3:4 Ratio:
- 18 X 24 Inches
You can easily resize these to : 6"x8" | 9"x12" | 12"x16" | 15"x20"

4:5 Ratio:
- 16 X 20 Inches
You can easily resize these to : 4"x5" | 8"x10" | 12"x15

1:1 Ratio:
- 25 X 25 Inches
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (8MB)
  • ZIP (16MB)
  • ZIP (8MB)
  • ZIP (7MB)

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