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Ayurveda Digital Planner Workbook 2022 - 2023 One Note For Windows, Android, Self Care, Holistic Health Digital Journal For Health Gift

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✦ Ayurveda Digital Planner Complete Lifestyle Journal, Planner, & Workbook Made In One Note ✦

It can be used in windows, mac, android and ipad. One note is a free software so can be used anywhere.

This planner contains 3 different parts. All parts are fully hyperlinked for easy movement between sections and pages.
1. Ayurveda Planner 2022
2. Ayurveda Planner 2023 (both years have separate notebooks to avoid confusion)
3. Ayurveda Sticker Bundle

Inside the Ayurveda Planner you will find:
- Index Page
- Yearly Overview For Journaling Purposes
- Monthly Overviews can be found inside Each Months own section
- Weekly overviews

There are Ayurveda Guides in Detail for obtaining an understanding of Ayurveda. Sections contain:
- What is Ayurveda?
- What is Dosha?
- What is Vata Dosha?
- What is Pitta Dosha?
- What is Kapha Dosha?
- What are Vata Dosha Personalities Like?
- What are Pitta Dosha Personalities Like?
- What are Kapha Dosha Personalities Like?
- Dincharya or morning routine
- Abhyanga How to Do?
- Best Oils For Abhyanga
- How to be a Vata?
- How to be a Pitta?
- How to be a Kapha?
- Vata Diet Chart
- Pitta Diet Chart
- Kapha Diet Chart
- Do’s and Don’ts for Vata People
- Do’s and Don’ts for Pitta People
- Do’s and Don’ts for Kapha People
- Vata vitiation symptoms
- Pitta vitiation symptoms
- Kapha vitiation symptoms
- Quick Tips to Balance Doshas
- Bad Food Combinations
- Best Herbs For Each Doshas
- Exercise Guides
- Best Yoga Poses For Each Doshas

Inside Each Month you will find the following tracker sheets:

- Weekly Dincharya Tracker
- Weekly Exercise tracker
- Weekly Vitiated dosha tracker
- Weekly Sleep Tracker
- Weekly Grocery List
- Daily meal planner sheet
- Daily Abhyanga Tracker

If you would like the printable version of this planner, head over to:

✦ If you any doubt, you can contact me and I will help you.

On Purchase, You will be receiving a pdf document which contains instructions on how to upload the planner to your one note along with the download links for the planner.

Note: One note sometimes faces sync issues. If you are getting sync issues, contact me to work it out.
You will get a PDF (645KB) file

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